Your Re-education Social Destination

Friends, allow me to share. 

I posted a comment on a friend's thread last week and it removed by Facebook. Facebook told me my comment didn't add to the conversation so it could not appear. So I wrote a different comment. That too was deleted for the same generic and highly subjective reason. 

In a tragic case of irony, I had made a comment about what I thought Government could do to help protect speech.

My friend's post was a satirical cartoon poking fun at the Fauci email debacle. It was obvious to anyone with a pulse and the ability to read that was meant to be humorous.  

Just like the image at the top of this page, I've seen multiple instances of satire, all containing warnings and suggested reading for people to add "context" to their consumption of humor. 

For the crime of calling out the nature, structure and method of censoring content, my opinion was silenced and I was offered hand picked, suggested reading to educate myself. This is one of the reasons I host everything I publish on this site. I own the content, Facebook leases it, not the other way around. 

I also linked to a podcast I did with the cofounder of Wired magazine in which we dissected a lot of stuff about how politics, tech and censorship come together to conform to the approved narrative. John is a force of nature, we recorded this "Facebook Oversight Board" episode of TMIKMR back in March of 2020. 

If you're interested in going deeper down the rabbit hole, try my "Defund the Facebook" perspective.