Why LD27 and why now?

I’ve been surprised and shocked at how much power government has asserted in our lives. I can either complain about the problems or get on board and try to make a difference.

I also don’t think people are being proportionally represented in New Jersey. Proportionality is an important tool for the resolution of conflicts and achieving balance.  The people of New Jersey and Legislative District 27 aren’t being proportionally represented in the issues they face. Instead, they are being forced into assuming blanket representation by the dominating party.

Here’s just one an example of what I mean and there are many issues like this one.  If you own a firearm for any reason, you aren’t being represented. Interest groups are funding force-fed feel-good party lines like “common sense” while layer upon layer of discriminatory laws and bigger government are added. Like many issues people don’t understand, fear and ignorance drive this issue, both of which haven’t served us well.

I believe people are fed up with finger pointing and shaming.  I’m concerned that we are building a paternalistic relationship with government, a glutenous relationship with the media and an adversarial one with our fellow citizens. We need to work together to come together.

We need public servants who aren’t afraid to work to make sure citizens have the right tools to pursue happiness on their own merit.