Send Lawyers Guns and Money

Dear friends and neighbors in District 27 and New Jersey:

Warren Zevon had a point back in the day. Today, I think we have plenty of lawyers and the guns we can talk about later. The money part we definitely need. Whether you think NJ is broken or not, the State is definitely devoid of balance and proportional, transparent representation.

The people of our state need public servants with the courage to stand up and proportionately represent them. Everywhere I go, I meet people who are tired of one sided government. And being force fed an agenda. And being labeled. 

A wise man once told me a good way to measure how successful you'll be is to see if anyone stands behind or beside you.  I'm also more than willing to support the effort and as of this post, I have 100% funded the campaign with my own funds.

Donations are appreciated and very much needed. With the resources I'm bringing to bear we will get the biggest bang for our buck. In this election, I'm going to need lots of help and I'm happy to share exactly how I plan to spend the support money. I'll be buying ads, paying professionals and doing my best to pound the pavement to get the message out. 

Thanks and I'll see you out there. As always, reach out connect or volunteer as well on


Kevin Ryan