Restore Our Assembly and Don’t DC My NJ!

The best part of running for office is pounding pavement and meeting people. We avoided the trigger word mine fields as best we could and while there are polarizing views on both sides, here are the main issues almost everyone agreed were actionable.  

  • Restore Assembly Powers

We have a trifecta in the state government. District 27 hasn’t been proportionally represented in nearly four decades. In that time, your representatives have never voted against their party.  No one is that good. The self-corrupting system breeds a monoculture and inherently – if not overtly-- favors certain businesses and leaves many taxpayers with no representation. We need to make a change. 

I'm voting for Jack Ciattarelli because he is the only candidate campaigning to limit his own power.  The current Governor has been very clear about wanting more power. You don’t even have to read between the lines or watch scandalous videos, our Governor berated the legislative minority in both debates with Jack.

Speaking of which, another way to limit the governor’s power would be to restore the legislature.  When the governor's office can make many decisions without the approval of its elected legislature, we no longer have three effective branches of government. No checks and balances.

  • Don’t DC My NJ

In the past month, the incumbent Governor has rolled out the red carpet for every major party personality in modern history. I don’t need to give you the list because you have it memorized. He has consistently indicated that certain powers should be turned over to the federal government. This will undermine our constitution and limit our ability to govern locally. It will also hurt small businesses and force another step toward crushing the gig economy.

Please note that Jack is rolling solo, save the support he is offering our legislators.

  • Limit Government in Education and Medicine

We need to limit the role parties, unions, and governments have in our lives. We should never let them educate our children. Right now in LD27 and indeed the Governor's office, unions and political parties are funding government influence in education.

In medicine, we need to restore privacy and respect the doctor patient relationship. There is a fundamental difference between doing the right thing as a people and government having the power to force the hand of medicine. 

  • Limit Terms

Single party rule must stop. Voter apathy, lack of participation and no incentive for change is fueling decades long terms.  Right now, early voting for the senate incumbent is taking place at the complex with his name on the building and no one seems to give a hoot.  This goes so far beyond electioneering, I'm speechless. 

  • Tax Transparently and Effectively

We pay some of the highest taxes in the nation. People and businesses are leaving. Our kids can't afford to come home once grown and it's hurting our communities. Our taxes fund some of the highest per student contributions in the country. We are renaming schools in the burbs and celebrating our high rankings. Meanwhile, 9 out 10 kids in Newark can't do math. And that's just the beginning of our problems. 

And finally 

As I've said before, my promise is Transparency Integrity and Proportional representation. New Jersey needs this TIPping point.  Our elected government is supposed to represent all people, not just the ones who agree with us. 

As always, drop me a line or give me a call if you still need convincing. You can reach me via phone or text at 949 275 5917. 

I appreciate the tremendous support thus far, but we could use a bit more in the final push. We’ll be out knocking doors, issuing press releases and buying advertising. We can reach 10,000 people or more with only $100. Every penny will be spent on our campaign, right here in District 27.

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