Memorial Day

While enjoying the “long weekend,” I always take time to listen to the people who endured hell on Earth so that we may experience freedom.  

I’m grateful to veterans who share their experiences with us. Listening to the sound of their voices and seeing the pain in their eyes, I appreciate how difficult it is to recall experiencing the worst humanity has to offer.

Many films and documentaries contain interviews with veterans and one of the common themes is that while they are happy to have come home, they would give anything to have brought their buddies home with them and would gladly trade places with those who didn’t make it back.

One of my favorite stories is the HBO series Band of Brothers because so much time is dedicated to letting the soldiers tell their stories. I’ll leave you with a quote from Major Winters, the commanding officer featured in the series.

“I Treasure a remark to my grandson who asked, "Grandpa were you a hero in the war?"

Grandpa said, "No.... but I served in a company of heroes”.