Potentially fun facts about Kevin Ryan

I live in Short Hills with my wife and 3 daughters. My life is never boring.

When I first went to work after college, I didn’t have enough money to pay for a week’s worth of suits and ties, so I’d frequently get dressed at the dry cleaner. We keep in touch, good people.

One of the first jobs I had was working in the cabbage fields. You haven’t lived until you’ve smelled cabbage in the hot sun. Sour kraut triggers me to this day.

I got fired from a job at the grocery store in high school because I wouldn’t cut my mullet. Long live Joe Dirt.

I lived in Southern California for 10 years. While there, I purchased then learned to ride a motorcycle. I spent the next few years riding up and down the coast. 

My first time on a sailboat was my colleague’s 37 foot race boat with a crew of 8. Unbeknownst to me, we were in a buoy race that day and I didn’t even know what it meant to “tack.” In the first minutes of the race, I went into the Pacific Ocean and spent the rest of the race day below deck trying to warm up.  The rest of the team was shocked when I came back the very next day.

My wife is Parsi Zoroastrian. There are less than (estimated) 200,000 Parsis left in the world. Freddy Mercury and one or more of the three wisemen were well known Zoroastrians.