Jack Ciattarelli means Business. So do I.

Kevin Ryan Jack Ciattarelli

Ciattarelli up 11 points in 2 weeks. There’s a headline you might not see.  I see “long shot” here and there but pointing out how Jack is gaining ground is just not getting the media love it should. I must have a different measure for "longshot." 

The June 8th poll from Rutgers had Murphy with a 26-point lead. Another poll from Fairleigh Dickinson released on June 21st had Murphy with a 15-point lead. So, he's up 11 points in two weeks and that's bad? That kind of jump without an enormous advertising spend makes him a contender, not a long shot, but a long shot gets more play. 

The common narrative I see is the so described awareness issue that can only be resolved with lots of television advertising. A lot of the focus is on how expensive television advertising is, and the role the medium plays in generating awareness. Well, there are lots of ways to generate awareness in 2021 and we shouldn't be setting expectations with an outdated media consumption model. In other words, I’m not buying it and I don’t think you should either. 

Jack’s message is clear, it resonates with a lot of people I meet in LD27 and certainly the folks who got together at Nonna’s in Florham Park last week. The focused energy is incredible. It’s hard to capture that in a 400-word AP standard write up.

I’m not supporting Jack Ciattarelli because of his party. What I’ve found particularly disturbing in the recent local elections is the people’s wholesale dismissal to an entire group of potential servants, based exclusively on their political party. This is hurting us as a country and state. 

I don’t agree with all of Jack’s positions. I’m not much of a politician in the traditional sense, I’m a taxpayer and a non-essential business owner who works hard and somehow managed to make it through the last year. I think Jack will do a better job for New Jersey.