Civil Liberties and Medicine

I got Covid and survived. So far. I’ve survived the vaccine. So far. Come to that, I’ve survived the day. So far.

While I consider myself an optimist capitalist, I’m seeing some crazy things happening. Social feeds with phrases like “I can’t wait for my vaccine passport,” and “We should be more like China, because they really had this thing licked early,” are two sentiments I could never imagine hearing from an American. Yet, for some reason I am seeing them over and over in conversation.

I’m fortunate in that I travel often for work. This year I went to a country that required you to have software on your phone that always kept track of your whereabouts. If you deviated from your approved geographic area, you were subject fines or imprisonment. No trial, no representation no due process.

Are we thinking that government mandated human geofencing is what we want to emulate? Because restricting rights and eliminating freedoms are how you get things done? We have already made it difficult or impossible to go to work, travel or do almost anything without a vaccine. We are already on the slippery slope people have been warning us about.

Due to the trifecta in our current state government, decisions are being made out of fear and prescribed narrative. There are too few voices asking questions. In fact, we don’t seem to be all that open to questions.

While lockdowns might be necessary evils, we should be ever vigilant about how leaders are administering their far-reaching powers. We should be aware of how long they have them and under what circumstances they will be allowed -- by voters -- to keep emergency powers. 

Several areas in the United States have reinstated mask mandates.  Here we go again.  So, the best bet is to put masks back on? We have learned nothing from the last year and a half?

Civil rights laws that protect liberties also apply to which medicines you put in your body. The medicines you take are for you and your doctor to know.

You shouldn’t be forced to disclose medical information to get on a plane in the United States or go see Springsteen in New Jersey. 

People should be free to make their own decisions based on their own health needs.