Brush it off New Jersey

Paying people a bonus to keep their jobs is absolute insanity. Even with Federal Funds, why do we think New Jerseyans won’t have to pay for it in some way? This is another paternal government message we are sending our labor force and kids as well.

Some of my friends and neighbors know me as the guy out there riding his bike 12 months a year. I assure you; it gets brisk in February out there my friends.

Last week, I ate some pavement. Nature of the beast when you like to cycle on roads with cars. In the last year I've only been "love tapped" by metal a couple of times and I consider myself lucky.

Basically, I grabbed a handful of the wrong brake after a near miss with an SUV apparently not equipped with a hands-free phone or mirrors if you know what I mean. Over the handlebars I went.

Any accident you can walk away from is a good one. I shook it off and rode most of the way home but the rear wheel came off after a garbage truck veered into my lane. I carried the bike on my shoulder the remaining way. Poor me, I know.  By the way, a squeeze water bottle is great for washing road grit off bloody skin. Pro tip.

Why is all this relevant?

One, I’ve had relatively few of these days in my life, but I remember them all in living color. After family and checking for bleeding and broken bones, my first thoughts were my personal and professional obligations.

Two, the last 18 months or so has kicked the crap out of many people I know. We need to brush it off and get back to work without bonuses from the parent figures in Washington.