It's National Police Week. Here's a thought.

We only salute one flag in this country. This we know, but a similitude of the American Flag containing a blue line is one of the most polarizing topics in circulation today. The debate about the role of the flag plays out in media coverage frequently. Just do a search for "blue line flag" and click "news." Last year in my town, the blue line flag appeared in our high school yearbook, public "outrage" ensued, the principle apologized, and the whole thing made it on Tucker. 

Not long ago, I wrote an op-ed for one of my industry trades in which I shined a light on how journalists and pundits are often unwittingly led in one direction or another. The result of this form of mass manipulation is of course, social media unrest that plays out in real world bad situations. I felt very strongly about how these situations are unfolding and the role of government in the process, so I also wrote a letter to the editor after our local situation occurred. 

I did quite a bit of research and went out to speak to people in person. Well, sometimes in video conferencing, but I took the conversation off line and out of media and government's hands. As you may notice in my letter, one of the people I connected with was Dr. Bishop from Texas. I'll ask that you consider the opinion of this learned academic who has some practical experience and is coming at this from a different place than most.