A few words about me.

I'm a Husband, Dad, and business owner. I'm a fiscal conservative and believe in the power of the people to govern themselves. I'm not interested in telling anyone how to live.

I'll be posting to the Updates and Opinions page and will be doing some press and interviews that I'll post to the U&O page as well.

I believe people are fed up with finger pointing and shaming. I’m concerned that we are building a paternalistic relationship with government, a gluttonous relationship with the media and fueling an adversarial relationship with our fellow citizens.

We need to work together to come together.

I believe we can support business and our children better.

I believe we can limit the role of government in our personal lives and help our fellow man.

I believe a public servant can be fiscally conservative and socially progressive. 

I'm an optimistic capitalist. Mom always says, you are what you are, but that doesn't mean "what you are," can't evolve. The day I stop evolving, I'll be worried. 

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    Facebook and other social channels are great tools for offering opinions and sharing information.

    While you'll find posts there, I'll be saving the meaningful discourse for appearances and 1 on 1's.

    We need to reinvigorate the art of conversation one genuine real world interaction at a time.

    So reach out, tell us who you are and what's what!